Meet those who hope to rewire Music in Warrington

from l-r Nathan Higham (Sound Engineer), Roger Jeffery, James Goodison, Emma Bate-Nilsson and Ian Fitzsimons

A NEW series of gigs has been launched in a bid to give Warrington bands more opportunities to play in their home town.

Rewire started late last year after Emma Bate-Nilsson organised the music for an exhibition by the DIY female-led art group, Womanstanley.

The former Great Sankey High pupil, who fronts the shoegaze band Danxia, got chatting to krautrock trio Klaut and they found they had a lot in common when it came to the struggle of getting their music out.

Emma said: “We decided to try and set up more opportunities for gigs in Warrington. We also wanted to give young people who want to pursue a career in the music industry the opportunity to get experience. For example, we’ve got a student from Barrow Hall College who is shadowing our sound engineer.”

Read more about the Rewire events on the Warrington Guardian website here

After a successful event at The Brewhouse in Buttermarket Street last year, Rewire 2 will be held at The Auction Rooms in Legh Street tomorrow, Friday 13th. Danxia and Klaut will be joined by folk punk acoustic act Hello Mabel and noise/drone duo Gout.

Roger, 33, said: “I think that it’s so easy to have a moan about Warrington, but when you look a bit deeper there are so many creative people in our town, all from different genres and influences. I think we’re all just waiting for a platform, and hopefully Rewire can help to start the ball rolling…”

Entry for Rewire 2 at The Auction Rooms on Friday is £3. Doors open at 9pm

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