Rewire at The Brewhouse this Saturday


Rewire Music presents their first event, this Saturday, hosted by The Brewhouse

The venue on Buttermarket Street & Rewire Music brings you an amazing night of music and beer! With free entry all night. Playing are:


A shoegaze/dream pop band based in Warrington. Danxia, their name borrowed from the ethereal Chinese landform, released their debut EP in September 2016 and are currently working on their next release, which is due out in early 2017. For fans of: Slowdive, Tame Impala, Beach House

Klaut are a semi improvised noise collective who have been baffling small audiences since 2015. Currently a three-piece, they are influenced by krautrock sounds and the finest stouts known to man.

The Mighty Bossmags
A raw, experimental and bizarre groove punk n’ roll potion not for the faint of heart or birthday’s under 5. The Mighty Bossmags have been creeping out the country from Edinburgh to London and across the channel to distant lands with their twisted take on punk. With a ceaseless flood of influences from ska to jazz, and with a repertoire of spooky folk tales, you’ll be the lord of the dance in their haunted world of witchcraft and swashbuckling before you can say Johnny the Claw.


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