Live Review: Frank Turner

Frank Turner + The Sleeping Souls

Parr Hall, Tuesday 6th December

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For just a short while, we are brought back to 1992.

It was the year that Mr Blobby made his TV debut. It is perhaps not what you would expect to be one of the first things Frank Turner says to a sold out Parr Hall crowd.

Thankfully the only connection is tonight’s show number, and over a mammoth set of over 23 songs, Frank Turner + The Sleeping Souls, his backing band take the crowd through the highlights of hundreds of those shows over the past 12 years.

There is the dancing and jumping on the spot during rousing renditions of Long Live The Queen. Later on, Turner has the chance to rock out on the electric guitar (having his self referred Bob Dylan/Judas moment) for a few raucous numbers from his latest album, Positive Songs For Negative People.

Mid set, Frank’s touring band leave the stage for Frank to play solo through a few requests, many included older tracks such as Balthazar, Impresario & Isabel. Having looked through previous set lists on this tour, Turner was keen to maintain a fresh set for himself and his fans, airing tracks that were previously retired such as Love Ire & Song which led to an impromptu floor stomping by the crowd.


If I stray was also dedicated to his sister Jo, who was in attendance on the night.

Towards the end of the night, Hannah from the Safe Gigs For Women campaign (it’s a shame there needs to be an initiative to stamp out unpleasantness) was brought up on stage. She has been travelling with Frank to all the shows and was challenged to crowd surf around the room.

Appearances was also made by Esmé Patterson who dueted live with Frank on Silent Key, as she did on the album track.

Its great to see Frank Turner back in the UK touring after a long time overseas, and he has the audience eating out of the palm of his hand. One of the final songs, Photosynthesis ends with not a wall of death, but hugs.

Put it all together and once again, just like Frank’s visit in 2014, you have one of the highlights of the Parr Hall’s calendar as more than 1000 people come together for the rousing encore of Recovery & Get Better, leaving with smiles all round.

Support came from Esmé Patterson and Felix Hagan & The Family.

Lee Harman

Full photo gallery is available here 

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