Esmé Patterson talk frank to [WAM]


When Frank Turner returns to Warrington next Tuesday (6th December) he will be joined by Singer – Songwriter Esmé Patterson who will be opening the show alongside Felix Hagan & The Family.

Currently promoting her 3rd Album. We Were Wild, it sees the Portland, Oregon native pulling the listener in all directions, with a mix of styles enjoyed. Previously a member of Paper Bird, she’s now breaking her own self imposed restraints and weaving her way to more freedom then she ever thought she could have.

Many may however recognise her for the first time from a collaboration with Frank Turner singing on track Silent Key,  from Frank’s latest album, Positive Songs for Negative People.

[WAM] managed to catch up with Esmé on the road as she traversed across the country.

You have been on the road with Frank for a couple of weeks now, how are you finding the company and how are you enjoying the UK?

Frank and everyone in the band and the crew have been so kind, welcoming and badass, this tour is really dreamy. It’s fun for us getting to explore all these smaller towns in the U.K., I feel like you get a totally different sense of a country’s culture than you do in the cities.

Good people of Britain: you guys are on to something with crumpets. They’re magnificent – Esmé Patterson

 For those who don’t know much about you, how would you describe your music and what should the Warrington crowd expect from your set?

My songwriting explores questions worth asking and my band is really raw and loud and passionate.

As your first time in the town, do you know anything about Warrington already?

I’m going in blind!

Jeremy Zimmerman/WXPN

Your 2nd album/EP features songs told from the viewpoints of many females in popular songs (Jolene. Billie Jean), what inspired you to work solely with this concept and is there anybody else whose voice you would like to represent in a song?

I wrote this project as a cohesive work, an exercise in and meditation on perspective. I may continue this project, there are lots and lots of songs about women, whose voices deserve to be heard.

What are your plans for 2017?

A few big projects lining up, more touring, some time to rest and recharge, lots of bowling.

Tickets for the show are sold out.

Many thanks to Esmé Patterson & Anthea & Press Counsel PR

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