Coldplay pay tribute to Viola Beach at Glastonbury

Coldplays-tribute-to-Viola-Beach On the final night of Glastonbury (26th June), Coldplay paid tribute to Viola beach, letting the band “Headline for one song”. Footage of the young band playing the song, ‘Boys That Sing’ was shown on video screens during the performance, in what was a risky, but poignant, moment.

Manchester indie band Blossoms, who were friends with Viola Beach, told the BBC they appreciated the gesture.

“I think it’s important that a big band does something like that at such a big festival,” said singer Tom Ogen, “because you want their music to live on and be remembered fondly.” Blossoms also paid their own tribute to Kris, Jack, River, Tomas and Craig, dedicating their final song of the set, ‘Charlemagne’ to their memory.

Watch Coldplay’s dedication and performance to the band below, or click here.

Viola Beach, the album, is posthumously released on the Fuller Beans Record on the 29th July

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