Viola Beach Tribute at Warrington Music Festival

trUpdated 23/5/16

This years Warrington Music Festival will pay tribute to Viola Beach and their manager, Craig Tarry.

At 10:30pm, a special Viola Beach beacon will be lit, and the organisers ask that people are there to remember the five lives taken too soon.

A skytracker will be used to send abeam of light into the night sky in memory of the band before Conquer Rio’s headline set on Saturday, May 28. Viola Beach’s biggest song Swings and Waterslides will also be played.

Steve Oates, festival organiser, said: “Anyone who has been in a band understands the great friendship and camaraderie that develops followin g months and years together in rehearsal rooms, recording studios and music venues. “Writing songs that make people sing takes talent. Crafting and perfecting them together as a team takes dedication and commitment. “Loading a van with equipment and sharing your art with people you don’t know in towns you’ve never heard of takes an amazing amount of energy and love.
“Love of music, love for each other and love of life. “Propelled by the love of their families and friends, Kris, River, Tom, Jack and Craig showed the ambition and aspiration that we would all be very proud to see in our sons and daughters. viola-beach

“Had I been able to reach Tom or Craig on the phone or Facebook over the past few weeks I would have been making arrangements for what, no doubt, would have been a triumphant home-town performance for Viola Beach on May 28. “I can’t do that now. What I can do and what we can all do is help other musicians who have the same burning desire to share their music with the world. “So, approximately 100 days after Valentines’ Day, from noon on Saturday, May 28, the Old Market Place will host a celebration of new and emerging talent from Warrington and surrounding areas.

The poster brings together just some of the many images associated with the band, such as the phone boxes and rainbow umbrella.

With the families fully behind the beacon, it’ll be a nice way to pay tribute to a band who would have been pride and place on the biggest weekend of music the town has to offer.

Entry to the Warrington Music Festival on Saturday 28th May is free.



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