Full running Order & Set Times for Warrington Music Festival

We are happy to announce the set times for all 22 artists playing Warrington Music Festival on the 28th May, at the Old Market Place, Golden Square. Entry is free all day.

Conquer Rio 10:40 pm

Viola Beach Beacon lit 10:30pm

Roughneck Riot 10:00 pm

Priestley 8:00pm

Midnight Suns  9:30 pm

Psyblings  9:00 pm

Portalights  8:30 pm

Priestley 8:00 pm

Voodoo Blood  7:30 pm

Love For Zero  7:00 pm

The Jackobins  6:30 pm

Kindest Of Thieves 4:00pm

The Tamalas  6:00 pm

Grand Illusion  5:30 pm

Danxia  5:00pm

Harlee 4:30 pm

Kindest Of Thieves  4:00 pm

Edits 3:30 pm

Joe Hatton   3:00 pm

ellie dibben
Ellie Dibben 1:00pm

Kieran Gallimore   2:30 pm

Scruff  2:00 pm

Kye Jones   1:30 pm

Ellie Dibben  1:00 pm

Zha  12:30 pm

Selfish Lovers  12:00 pm

For more information about Warrington Music Festival, pick up today’s Warrington Guardian (19th May). If you wish to write about the Festival for [WAM], please email us at WArringtonMusic@gmail.com

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