This Saturday at Brewhouse..Bathymetry!

ba120110-c03f-4231-8ab7-c1350371ece3Bathymetry / Catnip Slumber Party / Klaut
Free entry from 7:30pm
Bathymetry’s road to this point in time has been a colourful one. Their self-titled debut album is one full of sickly sweet melodies and upbeat guitar pop rhythms. They are truly a band that can lift moods and get hips shaking.
Bathymetry are the stars of the show. Literally they look like stars. There are the shimmering figures on stage contrasting with the character dressed as a moon. But it’s not all aesthetic, there is substance to this band as well. They are essentially, very fun.  Something lost so often on bands.
Buyers Club, Liverpool Gig Review 

Find more information here (link to Facebook Event)

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