Let’s get Viola Beach where they belong

viola beach

Let’s get Viola Beach track Swings and Waterslides in the charts

THE tragic news surrounding members of indie band Viola Beach and their manager sent shockwaves across Warrington and the world of music this morning.
DJs, musicians, fans and friends have all been paying tribute to the four-piece after their deaths in Sweden.
Here at the Warrington Guardian we have been equally touched and saddened by the loss of one of Warrington’s most exciting new talents.
This afternoon we are calling on music fans across the town to download the Viola Beach track Swings and Waterslides in the hope of getting the Warrington band the spot in the charts they so richly deserved.

Via Warrington Guardian 
There is also a really poignant tribute by Warrington Guardian Entertainment editor here.

One thought on “Let’s get Viola Beach where they belong

  1. Reblogged this on and commented:
    I used to run #NEMusic and worked closely with Lee at [WAM] as WArringtonMusic is obviously based in my hometown. Then, four families from my hometown have tragically lost four very talented boys. They were in the year below my sister, who is in the performing arts scene around Warrington and so her friends are also close friends with them. It’s bittersweet how small the world gets when something like this happens. Warrington and the music industry are shaken.

    Let them be known for something great, rather than something tragic.

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