[WAM] Compilation Festival’14 Tracklist Announced!

Yesterday we announced that we would be releasing the 2nd [WAM] Festival compilation to co-incide with this years Warrington Music Festival, taking place on the weekend of 18th-20th July.

Below is the full tracklist:

The Roughneck Riot – All We Know (First hear!)
Kye Jones – Hole
The Black Circles – Hold On
The Electric Mafia – The Other Song
Kim Jennett – Wild Card
Loor A Los Heroes – Smoke
Cryonic Noise – Dark & Gray
Caves – Newark
Slydigs – Stiff Upper Lip
Original Replica – Lucy
Blast Tyrant – Degenerate Swine
Imperium – A Thousand Threats
The Wookiees – Novacaine
Portalights – Zooplace
Old Town Quartet – Hey Mama
Conquer Rio – Lonely Road
Sulking Dutchmen – Breaking News
China White & The D.Funk All Stars
It’s Alright (D.Funk Remix)

The compilation will be free to download from http://www.WArringtonMusic.bandcamp.com from Tuesday 10th July

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