The Stone Roses return…two years on

Wednesday 23rd May 2012.

It will be a day etched into the memories of many music fans in the town and further afield. It was the day when just over 1000 people queued eagerly outside the Parr Hall for a ticket for the resurrection of one of the 90’s most influential bands, The Stone Roses!

With no pre-warning or clues to what was going to happen, an announcement on the day was made on their website, for people to bring a CD Sleeve, T-Shirt or other merchandise to be in with a chance of seeing a band at the forefront of the ‘Madchester’ Scene.

For those lucky enough to see the band play, watched on by Liam Gallagher, they were treated to a set full of hits, and a group of men whilst having a few more years on the clock, had managed to recapture the magic they once had. For many, just all being on the same stage would have been enough, but Ian Brown’s voice sounded better than ever and Mani’s Bass lines were as sharp as ever, it seemed like the band were back for good, and enjoying being on stage together.

The night was captured on film and later released as ‘Made Of Stone, A Shane Meadows Film’. Festival headline slots and bumper gigs around the world followed and there was even promise of a new album, following on from 1994’s ‘Second Coming’.

However, in the past few days, rumours on fan forums and the website, ‘Louder Than War’ have intensified, that one of the greatest ever British bands could be about to call it a day, ending not just those album hopes, but closing the door on any more performances. As the door possibly closes on The Stone Roses’ final chapter, for those who were there, almost two years to the day, they will never forget it.

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