Road to the Saturday Acoustic Sessions II

Road to the Saturday Acoustic Sessions II
Meet the artists!

Kye Jones, Kim Jennett, Lyle Shane Andrews

We roll into the Bus Station next weekend (see what we did there?), which meant we could catch up with 3 of the artists who are playing for [WAM].

We asked Kye Jones Music, Kimjennettmusic and Lyle from Old Town Quartet about their experiences and their music, see you there on 20th!

Kye Jones, Singer/Songwriter

[WAM]: So Kye, Welcome back to Saturday Acoustic Sessions in the Bus Interchange, what did you make of the event last year?
Cheers, good to be back, the acoustic sessions at the bus station last year was amazing, safe to say my favourite gig of last year, not only because of the well-engineered sound (by Paul from Do not Bend), mixed with the amazing acoustics of the complex, but also because of the variety of audience I got to preform in front of. I really want my music to touch a wide ranged genre of fan base, I was honoured by the response I got from the crowd.

[WAM]: It seemed like last year you never stopped gigging, what have you been up to so far this year?
This year I have been mainly focusing on finishing the album, it’s taken quite a bit of time because every time I learn a better way of producing or I feel I have improved as a musician, I have gone back and redone a lot of parts, but there is still an element of progression of character throughout the year on the album. So yeah I know this summer is going to be very busy so I thought I use the beginning of the year to improve, write and produce. The album ‘Nothing Like You’ should hopefully be finished by my birthday next month, so I’m thinking birthday/album release gig, as I did the same thing for my EP ‘A Little Spoon Short Of A Full Set’ last year and it went pretty well. Also I wanted to give people a bit of a break before I go nuts promoting the album with a tour.

[WAM] : From your Facebook pages content, it seems you have fans across the world already, has it surprised you, hearing yourself on American Radio stations?
Yeah, it defiantly has shocked me, I’m actually doing ok over there, I think my style fits nicely there as it does here. I have been really focusing of promoting myself as far as possible. I am really looking forward to doing the live interview on Jam City America on the 22nd with Crissy O.

[WAM]: How would you say you’ve developed as a acoustic artist since starting off?
I think I now know what I want to be, i understand how I am different to most other Acoustic solo acts. I think being my own worst critic helps, to many people get comfortable once they have hit a point of pleasing people with their music, once they get a certain level of attention to stroke their ego’s, they get caught up in it, Facebook is a great when to see this happening. I want to make music like The Doors did, or Led Zeppelin, I know that to do that I just have to keep pushing myself vocally, guitar wise, everything, I refuse to be another artist that’s here today, gone tomorrow, I think the album will really show this, I guess hence the name ‘Nothing Like You’.

[WAM]: Thanks for your time, where can we find you playing in the next month or so?
In the next month, I will be gigging with The God Complex for their EP release (The Venue 26/4) , also playing the Parr Hall on the 23rd for Chester University WAM acoustic sessions, of course really looking forward to that. More and more gigs are popping up so just keep a look out on

Kim Jennett, Singer/Songwriter

[WAM]: So Kim, this is your first appearance on the Saturday Acoustic Sessions stage at the Bus Interchange, looking forward to it?
I am looking forward to it; I think it’s a great opportunity to play to people who may not necessarily get to see me play gigs and a great chance to catch up with the local musicians of Warrington as I don’t play here as often now.

[WAM]: Since we first met you (after only just going solo), you have been very busy, how have you found being a solo artist and is it what you expected?
So far I have loved being a solo artist, I have found that it has given me a great opportunity to broaden my horizons and find myself as an artist. I think that it has inspired my real passion and drive for music as I am free to write my true emotions and be myself.
At the beginning I struggled with being on my own and I thought it was going to be hard as I had no other instruments to accompany me, and I was getting gigs with loud full sounding rock bands. At one point I said “I can’t do this on my own” but music was my passion and it’s in my blood so I couldn’t give up, that’s what inspired me to start writing more music of my own , this is where the song of my EP “solo” came from , ironically the main line of the song being “ I can do this on my own, i’ll sing this song solo” almost reassuring myself, when that was the opposite of what I was thinking at the time. This is also what inspired me to change my sound and play faster rock tracks and be animated on stage, so I can match the full bands I play with.
I feel now as if I have completely settled into being solo and from the first time you met me I have grown in confidence and found my own unique sound.

[WAM]: Your early material (recorded for EP, ‘Doll’), is mainly focused on relationships, how do you see your music developing in the future?
Now that the EP is finished I feel I can move onto a new chapter in my life, I feel as if ‘Doll’ has enabled me to close away the bad decisions the heart break the bad times in my childhood so that I can move on and become an adult. At this moment in my life I am 100 percent focused on my music, and I think that reflects in the new material that I’m writing for my second EP. As I gig a lot some of the songs are about having fun and have developed a more upbeat rock sound. Also I have been really interested in the history of music and in old school blues and rock and roll; I also think this has filtered into my songs. Because I am now happy with myself my songs are happier and I think it’s given me a chance to look back on my life and write songs to hopefully inspire people. I’ve written a few songs about ignoring bullies and following your dreams, I hope this inspires others who may have been put down in the past about their music or being different or a disability or anything, to just be there self and be happy with themselves.

In the near future I should be doing an alternative dance track too which I think will be a really interesting project and will give me the opportunity to explore other kinds of music and hopefully mixing it with my new “rocky” sound.

[WAM]: Any plans to join with others and have a backing band?
I am planning to play a few gigs in the future with a backing band of the session musicians who helped me on my EP. At this moment in time it would still be me as a solo artist playing with others, and I’ll be playing my material and covers I do when I play solo, but I think in the future starting up a band would be something i’d love to do, I think it would be a great opportunity for me to explore even heavier rock music and push myself as a musician. I do love playing with my session band because I get to play my electric guitar which is great! I’d love in the near future to do some collaboration and recordings with some other artists too.

[WAM]: Thanks for your time, where can we find you playing in the next month or so?
And thank you for interviewing me! In the next month I will be organising my own gig at the lounge in Warrington for my birthday on the 16th with a special guest band (which is a surprise at the minute). The day after I will be playing the attic bar in Liverpool, this will be my first ever gig in Liverpool so I’m very excited for that. I will also be playing Manchester, Altringham, northwich and Stockton heath. I will also have my own feature and interview in the guardian in the next couple of weeks too.
I really thank everyone who follows me and comes to my gigs, I couldn’t thank you enough for the support people give me.

Lyle Shane Andrews, Guitar/Vocals with Old Town Quartet

[WAM]: This will be your second time playing [WAM]’s Saturday Acoustic Sessions, how did you find your first time round?
The first one was brilliant a really fresh and unique idea which allowed us to get to the real core of playing live.

[WAM]: Why are you looking forward to seeing play next week? Are you staying around for the day?
I’m looking forward to watching our good friends in The Roughneck Riot who always give a good show as well as The Diamond Bays who gave a solid performance last time round. I’m going to try and see as many people as possible just to get a real feel of the bands of our town.

[WAM]:Old Town Quartet’s sound is not common in Warrington, how did you get into Folk/Country?
It was a thing that we all kind of listened to in forms separately. I had the punkier sound with the likes of mike Ness and Chuck Ragan, Matt (Vocals, Banjo, Guitar, Harmonica) more strict country like Hank Williams and Johnny Cash and Freddies real traditional english folk. We met doing open mic nights and had a few jams and all our styles seemed to compliment each others. Its a real homely sound that a lot of people seem to be drawn to.

[WAM]:You recently added a percussionist to the Old Town band, how has that changed the music you play? How did he come to be in Old Town?
Yeah Jona was a really close friend of Freddies, a real country and folk virgin till we got our hands on him. He was like the missing piece for us. He helps keep us in time and help give a bit of background to all them strings. With me and Matt being so close and now Freddies bringing Jona along we are more like a group of close mates than a band which helps us really enjoy playing.

[WAM]:Thanks for your time, what are your plans for the next few months?
No problem it was my pleasure! We’re playing a couple of festivals (Spannered and Strummercamp), a gig with roughnecks on 3rd may up in colne and the odd gig round Warrington as well as working on our demos

You can find all 3 playing on the 20th April at Warrington Bus Interchange, for more information, head over to the facebook event page HERE

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