[WAM] Honours List for 2012

As we look back to 2012 as we go into the new year, some bands stand out and we’d like to honour those. 2013 will be a big year for us at [WAM] so stay tuned.

Best Bands
ROCK/INDIE: Exile Parade
‘Having finally released ‘Hit The Zoo (review coming soon here at [WAM], it arrived with with glowing praises and having come back from another tour of China, the stage is set for this band to have a great 2013. Be interesting to see what they do next!

A great year for these 16-19 year olds, hand picked to open for Feeder & going on two tours of the UK cap a busy year. With a new EP due early 2013, it is due to show a more mature approach.

METAL: EngineVein
With local favourites Affliction of Faith imploding and Blast Tyrant losing then regaining a frontman, this young band come to the fore, realising their potential. With a new EP round the corner we look forward to getting our hands on it, AND seeing the band play Warrington again

POP: Kindest Of Thieves
With almost more incarnations as Doctor Who, Christ Fox and his collaborators continue to put out great music seemingly at will. With Sam Lightfoot joining recently on new EP “Ladies & Gentlemen My Sweetheart the Lonely”, 2013 Could be the year Kindest Of Thieves Hit the rest of the country.

Also last but not least we want to also pick our favourite Acoustic artist. Quite a simple decision, and a pleasure to work with at [WAM] – WArrington Music.

ACOUSTIC: Kye Jones Music
[WAM] Artist of the Year: Kye Jones
Having been persuaded to take up an Acoustic guitar and go solo, Kye has impressed everyone who has seen him play with his great technical skill and strong voice. Having made it onto our compilation of 2012, and been the first person we filmed for our Acoustic Sessions back in September, we look forward to seeing him going from strength to strength, and, the new EP.

Best Venue: Friars Court Warrington
After a year of weekly live music, the venue has developed a real pedigree for putting on fantastic nights, drawing bands attention from across the UK.

Highlight of 2012: The likes of The Roughneck Riot & Slydigs and more Warrington acts being signed to record deals and releasing fantastic albums.

Lowlight of 2012: The passing of Danny Rimmer (formerly of The 66 & White Vinyl). The music community came together for a memorable night of music in September at Osale Rooms.

What we’re looking forward to in 2013: The growth of [WAM] and more bands breaking out of Warrington, how about you?



What did you think of our decisions? Let us know in the comment box below!


L. Harman


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